What is Google Plus Capable Of ?

There are many people who are still unaware of what Google plus is . They don’t know what it is capable of ? What is the importance that Google Plus has created for itself in social networking department. Why is it important for business owners, designers , photographers and other people who are wanting to establish their mark through social marketing.

Google plus is a great approach for brands and bloggers , promoting their brand image and looking to increase their blog viewership. It was launched in 2011 as a social layer for Google users. It is successor of Google Buzz and Orkut. There are no. of features in this social networking application. It is the fastest social networking website so far , to reach the benchmark of 50 million. Google + reached 50 million benchmark in just 3 months.

According to a survey in 2013 , Google + had more no of active users than Twitter in year 2013. This elaborates the importance of Google + and gives the answer , that why it is important for branding and promotion in social marketing.

What is Google +1 :

Google +1 is like a vote. Every web post , can be linked this button. Blogger is directly associated with Google +. There are plugins available , to use them on your own webpage. The functionality and working of button is similar to Facebook’s Like button. But as it is Google’s own Product . So, each +1 vote will increase your chances of getting your page higher on Search engine.

Can you buy google +1 ? What are benefits of buying Google +1 ? Yes you can . Google +1 votes can be a good source of giving viewers a sense of authenticity and helpful . This increases traffic on your posts and increases your Followers. Since it isn’t yet as established as Facebook and other social networking websites , but still you can find and buy google plus ones by no . of sellers available all over Internet.

Google Plus Followers :

Google Plus Followers is a similar concept of Following , like you experience in Twitter. You will receive all updates of a person , you are following on Google Plus. The more active followers you have , more you have chances of getting +1 votes from People. You can also buy google followers. Obviously active followers cannot be determined unless you test them first. But there are many ,sellers who offer active followers and also provide money back guarantee.


Buying Google Plus Followers and Google Plus 1’s   can save a lot of hectic work for you. You just need to make your Product’s page on Google + and buy Google + followers by giving seller link to your page. Buying them is considered as an effective modern social media marketing strategy.


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